Più di 500 mm di pioggia hanno causato terribili inondazioni, distruggendo strade e ponti nel sud della Nuova Zelanda 🇳🇿 Via @KeraunosObs #MeteoMondo #allertameteo pic.twitter.com/ICrHg84tU4 — 3B Meteo (@3BMeteo) 27 de marzo de 2019
Espectacular manga marina, esta mañana, llegando a Lanzarote pic.twitter.com/i0ma1dGWMs— Controladores Aéreos (@controladores) March 26, 2019
More than 160 people were rescued Sunday after a ferry hit a large rock in foggy waters off South Korea’s southwestern coast, the country’s coast guard says. There were 158 passengers and five crew members aboard the vessel, and all...
Flooding triggered landslides and strong winds took down trees over the weekend as Tropical Cyclone Nora battered parts of Australia.
Parts of eastern England and Scotland have  seen snow, with more expected in the Midlands and Wales. More than 100 flights to and from Heathrow Airport have been cancelled and drivers are warned to take care. Weather100.com
Tropical Cyclone Hola formed early Wednesday morning local time to the east of Vanuatu and will track over several of the roughly 80 islands that make up the South Pacific nation. Hola is currently a Category 1 tropical cyclone on...
Bilbao, Barcelona, Santander and San Sebastian in Spain all awoke to heavy flurries of snow on Wednesday as much of the northern part of the country. San Sebastian 28 February 2018 San Sebastian 28 February 2018 Bilbao 28 February 2018 Weather100.com
People were injured and vehicles were damaged as hail battered Medina, Saudi Arabia, over the weekend. Weather100.com
Snow also forced school closures and caused transportation delays in other parts of northern and central Italy. It's bitterly cold through much of Europe. This cold weather pattern is associated with a split of the polar vortex  that occurred earlier in the month. Weather100.com Routers image.


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